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I have been djing since 2012 and it has taken me to many places in the UK. Mixing multi genre music is a huge passion of mine and have found it helps my ADHD. Music is a universal language that we all understand, so being able to share my skills with people in clubs or online is a wonderful gift.

Not only do i like to dj but i also like to raise awareness for mental health. I am an ambassador for the MIND charity and raise money for them via live streams 4 times a year. I also donate 10% of my Facebook earning to them. Alongside this i have my own mental health group on facebook called The Love And Light Movement with an amazing team. We have helped so many people in 2022 and plan to help alot more moving forward. I also off free mental health boxes for those who may need it most.

My first official booking was Interdance at the plug in birmingham 2012 it was an amazing first experience which led me to play and events such as Critical Mass, Core Unity, Northern Underground, Core Bilmey, Ravers Reunited, DNA, Mindblown, Raver Queen, Powercore, Revolution, Ravers Ibiza Pre Party and a few more.

I have also won a few competitions on my journey like, Ravers Got Talent, NTWICH, Delerious Future Talent, Battle Core Series to name a few.....

The burning energy and passion i have for this music has given me a drive to want to share it with everyone else around the world. So I have teamed up with my good friend Jay Doidge to bring a brand that connects everyone together with music and happy vives.

Super excited to see what the future brings

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